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Ladywell Lakes

Alresford, Hampshire, England SO24 9BD

Lucy Greenwood

Current Employer:

International Arbitrator

Areas of Expertise:

✔ Commercial/Business ✔ Construction
✔ Contract Disputes ✔ Energy including oil and gas
✔ International ✔ Joint Ventures
✔ Licensing


Lucy Greenwood's extensive experience includes: arbitrations involving fracking and water rights, transportation of heavy oil, renewables, consideration of complex contractual provisions regarding pricing and liquidated damages, emergency proceedings in relation to joint operating agreement disputes, energy exploration and developments and FPSO facilities offshore, fracking disputes and rig lease agreements, emergency proceedings to secure release of land based drilling rig; construction of major power projects, construction of mines, manufacture of buoyancy devices and maritime chains, design and construction of FPSOs; sports licensing issues, non payment of royalty obligations, software licenses, IT patent licensing disputes, license and distribution agreement relating to friction materials, polyethylene tubing, joint venture agreements and royalty issues, agency dispute regarding professional sports management, IP rights in the music industry, telecommunications, soft drinks and aircraft, charterparty arbitrations; financial services issues including market timing, IPOs and insurance disputes. She has experience of arbitrations seated in the Middle East, the US, Canada and Europe.

Work History:

1996-2007: International Arbitration, Linklaters LLP, London (1996-1999), Paris (1999-2002), London (2002-2007) 2008-2017: International Arbitration, Norton Rose Fulbright LLP, Houston 2017 - : International Arbitrator (Greenwood Arbitration), Houston and London


Visit for complete information Selected Representative Matters Include: Energy, Mining, Construction and Shipping • Panel arbitrator, AAA arbitration relating to fracking materials, Houston seat, Texas law. • President, ICC energy arbitration relating to renewable technologies under contracts valued at over US$220 million, San Francisco seat, California law. • Chair, DIFC-LCIA power supply arbitration (consolidated), in excess of US$20 million in dispute, Dubai seat, UAE law. • Party appointed arbitrator, ad hoc arbitration relating to wind power generation, London seat, English law. • Sole arbitrator, SIAC arbitration relating to power generation in Asia in excess of US$15 million in dispute, Singapore seat, Singapore law. • Party appointed arbitrator, ICC arbitration involving claims in excess of US$30 million arising out of construction works for a renewables project. • Sole arbitrator, LCIA arbitration (consolidated) arising out of a power plant in Asia, in excess of US$20 million in dispute, Pakistan law, UK seat. • Chair, AAA arbitration involving producing and refining of waxy crude oil, claims and counterclaims in excess of US$250 million and consideration of complex contractual price review mechanisms, liquidated damages and questions of supply, Texas law, Houston seat. • President, ICC arbitration involving the production and distribution of ferroalloys in India and North America, English law, London seat. • Sole arbitrator, LCIA arbitration relating to renewables power generation. • Sole arbitrator, AAA (Large Complex Commercial Procedures) energy arbitration involving drilling services, Houston seat, Texas law. • Chair, LCIA arbitration involving the interpretation of provisions of a Joint Operating Agreement, London seat. • Party appointed arbitrator, ICC energy arbitration relating to bauxite mining services in a major mining concession in Africa, London seat, English law. • Panel arbitrator, AAA energy arbitration (Large Complex Commercial Procedures), arising out of supply contract for pipelines, New York seat, New York law. • Chair, LCIA arbitration arising out of environmental claims in South America, London seat, Delaware law. • Party appointed arbitrator, ICDR energy arbitration involving imposition of taxes in drilling services with claims in excess of US$65 million, including issues relating to bankruptcy and security for costs, New York seat, New York and English law. • Panel arbitrator, AAA construction arbitration (Large Complex Commercial Procedures), involving power generation (renewables) in the US, Texas seat, New York law. • Party appointed arbitrator, ICC energy arbitration, Houston seat, Texas law. • Sole arbitrator, energy AAA arbitration, Houston seat, Texas law involving issues relating to prudent oil field practices. • President, ICC arbitration involving classification of repairs in the shipping industry and complex questions of contractual interpretation, London seat, English law. • President, ICC energy arbitration under Texas law in relation to the interpretation of a Contribution Agreement, London seat. • Emergency arbitrator, ICDR energy arbitration under Texas law with claims of over US$100 million involving over 95,000 acres of land, water rights and saltwater disposal wells and the interpretation and construction of a complex Confidentiality Agreement together with issues of specific performance and declaratory relief. • Party appointed arbitrator in oil and gas ICC arbitration seated in London under English law with claims over US$20 million arising out of a sales contract. • Chair, ICDR arbitration between international parties in relation to energy exploration and development offshore, involving agency and corruption issues under Florida and Brazilian law and claims of US$8 million. • Party-appointed arbitrator, ICSID arbitration brought under the DR-CAFTA with in excess of USD$590 million in dispute (Riverside Coffee LLC v Republic of Nicaragua). Media, IP, Licensing, Distributorship, Agency, Transport, Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals • Party-appointed arbitrator, ICDR arbitration involving patent licensing, pharmaceuticals and diagnostic testing kits under New York law. • Sole arbitrator in an ICDR arbitration involving licensing and distribution issues in the life sciences industry involving questions of Texas and Indian law. • Sole arbitrator in an ad hoc arbitration involving hotel services. • Co-arbitrator in US$27 million AAA arbitration relating to telecommunications involving the construction and interpretation of indemnity provisions under Missouri law. • Chair, CPR arbitration relating to an international distribution agreement, involving warranty claims, joint venture agreements and royalty issues under Texas law, Dallas seat. • Co-arbitrator, ICDR arbitration relating to a licensing and distribution dispute involving questions of anticipatory breach under Texas law. • Emergency arbitrator in ICDR proceedings relating to sports licensing issues in Australia and royalty obligations under Texas law. • Sole arbitrator in an arbitration under the Arbitration Act 1996 relating to allegations of misrepresentation in the services industry. • Co-arbitrator in a complex IT patent licensing AAA arbitration under Texas law between Taiwanese and Canadian parties. • Sole arbitrator in a complex ICDR international arbitration between Swiss and Florida parties in relation to healthcare licensing of medical devices under Florida law. • Sole arbitrator in an ad hoc arbitration relating to allegations of misrepresentation and breach of contract under the Arbitration Act 1996. • Sole arbitrator in relation to an agency dispute relating to professional sports management under ICDR Rules. • Sole arbitrator in an ad hoc services arbitration involving media intrusion and breach of contract. Finance, Regulatory. Insurance and IT/software • Sole arbitrator in an international arbitration under the Arbitration Act 1996 arising out of a digital business exchange, English law, London seat. • Sole arbitrator, ICC arbitration between US and Jamaican parties relating to software licenses involving complex contractual issues under the laws of British Columbia. • Party appointed arbitrator in an LCIA arbitration relating arising out of a software contract with over GBP 300 million in dispute, English law, London seat.


Lucy Greenwood has facilitated extensive training of international arbitrators across the globe. She is a member of the faculty of trainers for the prestigious Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrator program and also delivers training for AAA/ICDR.


1998: Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales 2016: Member of the State Bar of Texas 2018: Chartered Arbitrator


Winner of the 2018 CPR Award for Outstanding Contribution to Diversity. Recognized by Who's Who Arbitration (Thought-Leader), Global Arbitration Review and Legal 500.


Lucy Greenwood is listed on the following panel rosters - AAA Panel of Commercial Arbitrators, AAA Panel Large Complex Commercial, ICDR Panel, Neutrals Panel for Federation of Integrated Conflict Management, CPR Institute Oil and Gas Panel, AiADR (Asian Alternative Dispute Resolution), ACICA (Australian Centre for International Dispute Resolution), HKIAC (Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre), Asian International Arbitration Centre, Singapore International Arbitration Centre, Ukraine International Arbitration Court, Arbitrators’ Roster for the American Chamber of Commerce, Jamaica, Arbitrators’ Roster for the Houston Maritime Arbitration Association, Dispute Adjudication Service Presidential Panel and on the lists of numerous arbitral institutions, as well as on Global Arbitration Review's Arbitrator Research Tool.


Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, LCIA, Law Society of England and Wales, Houston International Arbitration Club. Former guest Editor, OGEMID list serv, Former Executive Board Member, ArbitralWomen. Steering Committee, Pledge for Equal Representation in Arbitration, Chair, International Committee, Dispute Resolution Section American Bar Association, Trustee, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Fellow, College of Commercial Arbitrators, Steering Committee, Campaign for Greener Arbitrations


• University of Cambridge, BA Law Hons (1994), MA Law Hons (1996). • College of Law, Chester, Legal Practice Course (1995). • Texas Bar Review Course (2016).


Selected Publications include: • “The Canary is Dead: Arbitrating Climate Change Disputes” Journal of International Arbitration, (forthcoming) 2021 • “Stresses, Successes and Secrets: The Psychology of Remote Hearings” New York State Bar Association Dispute Resolution Section, Spring 2021 • “Women’s Voices Matter: The Case for the Extinction of Manels” Kluwer Arbitration Blog, September 2020 • “Make Arbitrations Greener” The Resolver, February 2020 • “E3 + action – talk + data = Enlightenment in International Arbitration” (forthcoming), ICCA Congress Series, 2020 • The Life Cycle of a Large Infrastructure Dispute in the Oil and Gas Industry” (American Review of International Arbitration, 2019) • “Revisiting Bifurcation and Efficiency in International Arbitration Proceedings” (Journal of International Arbitration, 2019) • “What you need to know about the New York Convention as an advocate and as an arbitrator” ABA Dispute Resolution Section, 2019 • “Moving beyond diversity toward inclusion in arbitration” Stockholm Arbitration Yearbook 2019 • “Principles of interpretation of contracts under English law and their application in international arbitration”, Arbitration International, 2018. • “Choosing the Right Energy Arbitrator”, The Resolver, 2017 • “Going Global, Trust and Trade Worldwide” The New Statesman, September 2017 • Co-Author: "The Winner of the 2017 GAR Awards for Best Innovation? Transparency and Diversity" Kluwer Arbitration Blog, March 2017 • 3 part series on international mediation, Law 360, February 2016 • Co-Author: “Puppies or Kittens? How to Better Match Arbitrators with Parties Expectations" Austrian Yearbook on International Arbitration, January 2016 – Runner up - GAR Awards - Best Innovation in Arbitration 2018 • Co-Author: "Advocacy in International Arbitration," The Leading Arbitrators' Guide to International Arbitration, Third Edition, 2014 • "Dissent - But Only If You Really Feel You Must," published at the 16th Annual IBA International Arbitration Day, February 2013 • “Are Challenges Overused in International Arbitration?” Journal of International Arbitration Vol. 30 Issue 2, 2013 • "In Search of An Exemplary Construction Arbitration", Fordham Law, 2012 • “The Regionalization of International Arbitration: Maintaining International Standards in Appointing Arbitrators" Liber Amicorum for Hans Van Houtte, 2012

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