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Phone: (917) 498-1230

One Rockefeller Plaza 11th Floor

New York, NY 10020

Marc Goldstein


Independent Arbitrator and Mediator

Current Employer:

MJG Arbitration, MJG Mediation

Areas of Expertise:

✔ Antitrust ✔ Arts (Fine, Performing)
✔ Aviation ✔ Banking & finance
✔ Biotech ✔ Commercial/Business
✔ Contract Disputes ✔ Copyrights
✔ Defamation (Libel & Slander) ✔ Entertainment
✔ Family Businesses ✔ Franchise
✔ Industrial ✔ Insurance
✔ Intellectual Property ✔ International
✔ Internet ✔ Joint Ventures
✔ Licensing ✔ Media & Communications
✔ Mergers & Acquisitions ✔ Mining
✔ Partnerships ✔ Pharmaceuticals
✔ Professional Fees ✔ Real Estate
✔ Securities ✔ Shareholder Disputes
✔ Software ✔ Sports
✔ Technology ✔ Telecommunications
✔ Trademarks ✔ Trade Secrets and Confidentiality Disputes
✔ Transportation


As arbitrator or mediatior has resolved disputes in wide range of business sectors, and especially in financial products and services, franchising, licensing, distribution, pharma, IP, industrial engingerIng, sports and entertainment. Global arbitration practice as advocate from 1980 to 2017, before Iran-US Claims Tribunal and commercial arbitral tribunals under administration of ICC, ICDR, AAA, Singapore, Copenhagen, and other major providers. 37 year career as advocate in international and domestic arbitration and litigation.

Work History:

Founded independent practice with emphasis on service as arbitrator and mediator in 2007 after leading the international arbitration practices in New York at two international firms. Prior affiliations: 1980-2003: Proskauer Rose LLP (New York). 2004-2007: Hodgson Russ LLP (New York and Toronto).


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New York


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ICDR; AAA Large and Complex Case Panel; AAA Specialized Commercial Panels (3): Aviation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Commercial Sports; CPR Distinguished Panels of Neutrals (4): Cross-Border, National, Entertainment & Sports, Accounting Banking & Finance; Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (International Panel, Emergency Arbitrator Panel, Financial Services Panel); Asia International Arbitration Centre; Korea Commercial Arbitration Board; FINRA; Chicago International Dispute Resolution Association. Also listed in ICC US National Committee Arbitrator Database and in the website of the Toronto Commercial Arbitration Society.


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University of Pennsylvania (BA magna cum laude); University of Virginia Law School (Board of Editors, Virginia Law Review)


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