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The CCA Guide to Best Practices in Commercial Arbitration (4th Edition)

Author: James M. Gaitis, Editor in Chief; A. Holt Gwyn, Laura A. Kaster, John J. McCauley, Editors
Price: $125.00   726 pages.  Published November 2017.
ISBN:  978-1-944825-15-7
NOTE: CCA Fellows receive a 50% discount off the list price of $125. Contact the CCA administrative office at (512) 372-8350 or to receive the coupon code for use via the Juris website.
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About the Book:

The revised, updated, and expanded fourth edition of The College of Commercial Arbitrators Guide to Best Practices in Commercial Arbitration provides practical guidance on conducting U.S-based commercial arbitrations and international arbitrations throughout the world. More than 70 prominent arbitrators share their expertise. It takes into account new and revised institutional rules, case law, and legislation affecting commercial arbitration, and expands the discussion of the issues arbitrators confront on a daily basis.

The past four years have witnessed dramatic developments in the field of commercial arbitration. Arbitration law continues to evolve at a rapid pace, and ever-increasing numbers of experienced lawyers and other professionals aspire to become arbitrators and to serve in that capacity in the many high-profile arbitrations that have become routine. Contemporaneously, various professional organizations have strived to develop standards, protocols, and guidance to be considered both by professional arbitrators and by parties and advocates involved in arbitration proceedings. Moreover, the increased use of commercial arbitration in international commercial transactions, and the fact that many experienced international arbitrators now reside or practice in the United States, has ensured that the United States will serve as a viable situs for the conduct of such international arbitrations in the years to come.

Given these developments, further revisions to the Best Practices Guide were once again warranted and are based on the best guidance available from the nation’s leading organization of commercial arbitrators. This fourth edition also for the first time provides in-depth analyses of a variety of additional topics, including the use of third-party summons, issues unique to construction arbitration, and emergency arbitrators. The fourth edition also contains two new appendices respectively relating to the use of social media by arbitrators and security of arbitrators’ ESI.

The Fourth Edition features:

• A groundbreaking analysis of arbitrability issues and how arbitrators should address them
• Enhanced discussion of how to address a party’s failure to pay for arbitrator and institutional fees and expenses
• A new chapter on the complex legal and practical issues of summoning nonparty witnesses
• Discussion of the latest eDiscovery developments in commercial arbitrations
• Checklists and updated guidance on the conduct of preliminary conferences and hearings on the merits
• Exposition of the legal requirements of reasoned awards
• A new chapter on emergency arbitrators and emergency arbitral proceedings
• A new chapter on unique issues in construction arbitration
• An expanded discussion of international arbitration, with six current charts addressing the rules of the leading international arbitral institutions in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East

The Fourth Edition of The College of Commercial Arbitrators Guide to Best Practices in Commercial Arbitration continues to be an indispensable for all who work in commercial arbitration.

Praise for The CCA Guide to Best Practices in Commercial Arbitration – 4th Edition:

“The College of Commercial Arbitrators once again demonstrates its leadership with this newest edition of their Guide to Best Practices in Commercial Arbitration. For anyone seeking to understand how to improve arbitral practices, this is one book to read. This book is an important contribution to ensuring arbitration lives up to its promise as a fair, efficient, and cost effective solution for commercial disputes.” — Kathy Bryan, Former President and CEO, CPR: International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution

“With arbitration now facing increasing scrutiny and in some cases, criticism, it is more important than ever to highlight its extraordinary potential to resolve disputes in a more cost-effective, timely and thoughtful manner than traditional litigation has resolved them. The College of Commercial Arbitrators Guide to Best Practices, Fourth Edition, provides all parties to an arbitration with the essential tools they need to elevate every aspect of their arbitrations to the highest level. This Guide is both cutting-edge and comprehensive. Because our organization is always laser-focused on best practices, there will always be a space for it in The CPR Institute’s library.” — Noah J. Hanft, President & CEO, The International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution (CPR)

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The Construction Lawyer (Winter 2018) – Book Review by Adrian L. Bastianelli III

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