Committee’s Mission

The Mission of the Regional Fellowship Committee is to promote, foster, and create a permanent and continuing outlet for collegiality, networking, and social interaction among CCA Fellows. Fellows in each region are empowered to build their own programs suited to the Fellows of the region.

Each Regional Fellowship group shall be committed to the promotion of the CCA within the region, in order to expand local understanding of the work of the College within the profession and attract qualified new and diverse membership. Fostering small group interaction will provide the opportunity for Fellows to become more actively involved with the CCA, exchange ideas and best practices, and become familiar with their local cohorts.

To this end, each region will hold two meetings a year, to be led and organized by the Regional Coordinators.

Regional Fellowship Committee Chairs (2021-22)

Roy L. DeBarbieri (

Deborah A. Coleman (

2021-2022 Regions and Regional Coordinators


(New York, New England, North Jersey, Europe, Quebec) — Divided into Northeast 1 and Northeast 2

Northeast 1:  All Fellows with Last names from A thru He
Coordinators: Abigail Pessen and Jonathan Fitch

Northeast 2:  All Fellows with Last names from Ho thru Z
Coordinators: Angela Foster and David Singer

Mid-Atlantic & DC

(Pennsylvania, South Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, DC, Virginia)

Coordinators: Lou Coffey and James Giles

Southland & Florida

(Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida)

Coordinators: Gerald Wald and Gilbert Squires

Southwest & Mountain

(AZ, NV, CO, MT, NM, Alberta)

Coordinators: Sherman Fogel and Gene Commander

Texas & Louisiana

(Texas, Louisiana)

Coordinators: Deborah Hankinson and Allison Snyder

Northern Pacific Rim

(Northern California, OR, WA, British Columbia and Singapore)

Coordinators: Sally Harpole and Phil Cutler

Southern California

(LA, Fresno, San Diego)

Coordinator: Gregory Wood


(MN, IN, IL, OH, NE, WI, MI, MO, Mexico, Ontario)

Coordinators: Gerry Saltarelli and Michael Diamant


(All International Fellows & Canada) — Meet once a year, otherwise integrated into domestic groups above.

Coordinators: José Antonio Rodríguez Márquez and Lucy Greenwood

Upcoming Events

April 13, 2022
@ 12:00pm Mountain [via Zoom]
Hosted by: Gene Commander
To RSVP contact Gene Commander for the Zoom invitation.
April 22, 2022
@ 12:00pm Eastern [via Zoom]
Hosted by: James Giles
To RSVP contact James Giles for the Zoom invitation.
May 13, 2022
@ 4:00pm Pacific [via Zoom]
Topic: Recent ADR Legal Precedents
Hosted by: Sally Harpole & Phil Cutler

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