CollArb – CCA’s New Post-Nominal Letter Set

At the request of several of our Fellows who practice internationally, the Executive Committee set out several years ago to try to find a set of post-nominal letters for Fellows to use to indicate their membership in CCA.

Fellow Paul Klaas spearheaded the effort to find a post-nominal letter set that did not violate a trademark, nor offend any arbitration-related organizations that had existing post-nominal abbreviations.

Paul spent a great deal of time googling abbreviations to find a set of letters that would pass muster and be meaningful enough that one reading them would appreciate what they indicated.

After a great deal of work by Paul and the time and involvement of several other Fellows, the Executive Committee and the Board approved the post-nominal letters “CollArb” and authorized a trademark application for them. Former President Rich Silberberg volunteered the IP group at the New York office of Dorsey & Whitney to prepare and file the application.

This summer, we received notice from the United States Patent and Trademark Office that our application was approved and our trademark for CollArb was registered. Accordingly, all Fellows may now use the post-nominal letters CollArb to indicate membership in CCA.

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