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When I first became a commercial arbitrator, I would have loved to have had easy access to the best arbitrators to learn how they resolved business disputes, in court and in alternative dispute resolution settings. Fast forward to 2020 where we as CCA Fellows are lucky enough to fill that void in an easy-to-share, digital way…

Welcome to the CCA Blog – a dialogue about commercial arbitration from the College of Commercial Arbitrators.

The CCA, the most prestigious alternative dispute resolution professional organization in the United States, both defines and promotes the highest standards of arbitrator ethics, standards of conduct, and best practices in alternative dispute resolution. The CCA is an invitation-only organization that provides meaningful contribution to the profession, the public, the legal sector and to the businesses that implement commercial arbitration as a means of dispute resolution.  The CCA Protocols for Expeditious, Cost Effective Commercial Arbitration and the CCA Guide to Best Practices in Commercial Arbitration are examples of some of the CCA’s important initiatives.  More innovations are on the way and will be discussed in this blog.

The CCA is comprised of nationally and internationally recognized commercial arbitrators who are the elite within the profession. They have the professional training, judgment and years of experience to undertake the most complex and difficult commercial arbitration assignments.  The CCA blog will share the expertise of CCA Fellows with the business world.

In this blog, CCA Fellows will address practical and cutting-edge issues regarding arbitration. We plan to cover the basics from when to use arbitration versus litigation, to how arbitration intersects with mediation, to how best to draft arbitration clauses and resolve disputes in cost-efficient and reliable ways. We will address arbitration fundamentals to ensure there is a fair, neutral and effective process.

But the CCA blog will go much further, allowing exploration of industry-specific issues, international disputes and cutting-edge innovation in the field. We will address important new legal developments in the courts. We will address new trends in arbitration transparency and diversity, as well as new technology developments in the field.

In all, the CCA blog will provide innovative ideas on how best to handle US and international commercial disputes now and in the future.  The CCA blog will be a resource for users in the US and worldwide and we welcome you joining us in this exploration.

In this blog you’ll be hearing from me, other CCA Fellows and users and providers in the commercial arbitration community.  My excitement grows as the CCA launches this digital effort. We’ll be underscoring our goal of promoting the highest standards in our field in a conversational and engaging way. Will you share your knowledge, join the conversation and inspire the future of the field? I hope so.

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