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Aardvarks Care About the Cost of Business Dispute Resolution!

The CCA Arbitration Aardvark has noticed quite a bit of discussion on the cost of business dispute resolution and whether arbitration is speedier and less costly than litigation. It certainly can be, and often is. It has been reported that business arbitrations take on average 7.3 months from start to resolution while the U.S. District Court cases take an average of 23.4 months – and that’s even before appeals. Generally, the longer a case takes the more expensive it becomes. Read More

Articles by Fellows

Pathological Clause of 2021: Winner

Inspired by Gary Born’s lecture on Pathological Arbitration Clauses, I recently challenged CCA Fellows to nominate troublesome clauses that came to their attention this past year. Before announcing the winner, though, a word or two on the criteria for the challenge... Read More

Articles by Fellows

A New ADR Development: Mass Arbitrations

Many employees and consumers agree to arbitrate any dispute they may have with their employer or vendor. These agreements often result from "mandatory" arbitration clauses which simply means that the employee or consumer had no choice but to agree if she wanted to take the job or buy the product. Read More

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