CCA Congratulates and Welcomes the New Fellows Class of 2022!

CCA welcomes 20 new Fellows in 2022. More information about our latest class will be coming soon!

David M. Benck (Birmingham, AL)

John J. Buckley, Jr. (Washington, DC)

Mark J. Bunim (New York, NY)

Henry G. Burnett (Miami, FL)

Theodore K. Cheng (Princeton Junction, NJ)

Mark C. Friedlander (Chicago, IL)

Thomas P. Hanrahan (Manhattan Beach, CA)

Benjamin Hughes (Singapore)

David H. Lichter (Aventura, FL)

Kathleen D. Paisley (Miami, FL)

Elizabeth Penn Payne (Atlanta, GA)

Michele S. Riley (New York, NY)

Ann Ryan Robertson (Houston, TX)

Lester W. Schiefelbein, Jr. (Los Gatos, CA)

Myra C. Selby (Indianapolis, IN)

O. Peter Sherwood (New York, NY)

Katherine M. Simpson (Ypsilanti, MI)

Steven Skulnik (New York, NY)

Richard H. Steen (Princeton, NJ)

Karen Roberts Washington (Dallas, TX)

Congratulations to the New Fellow Class of 2022!

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